Smalltalk по-русски

Все детали синтаксиса Smalltalk на одной открытке:

exampleWithNumber: x

    "A method that illustrates every part of Smalltalk method syntax except primitives.
    It has unary, binary, and keyword messages, declares arguments and temporaries,
    accesses a global variable (but not and instance variable), uses literals (array,
    character, symbol, string, integer, float), uses the pseudo variables true false,
    nil, self, and super, and has sequence, assignment, return and cascade.
    It has both zero argument and one argument blocks."

    | y |
    true & false not & (nil isNil) ifFalse: [ self halt].
    y := self size + super size.
    #($a #a 'a' 1 1.0)
        do: [:each | Transcript show: (each class name);
            show: ' '].
    ^ x < y